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Loft Conversions, can I have one?

Can I convert my loft? What will I need to check?

It is possible to upgrade any loft space from it's present condition (usually a dark dusty space only really suitable for storing boxed items) into a useable clean storage area. However to convert your loft into a real extension to your home, that could be a bedroom(s), playroom, or home office (with or without plumbing for a bathroom/shower room) there are many regulations set out by all the local building control departments, that we as a proffesional loft conversion company, must know! You can be assured that when dealing with “The Loft Specialists” we will make sure that all of these regulations, guidelines, and requirements are met, on your loft.

We deal with all the local authority building and planning control departments, we have vast experience with the following building control departments; Manchester MBC, Oldham MBC covering Oldham, Failsworth & Saddleworth areas, Tameside MBC covering Mossley, Ashton, Stalybridge & surrounding areas, and Manchester MBC covering North Manchester, Trafford MBC covering Sale, Altrincham, Timperley, and Trafford. Cheshire East & West, covering Hale, Bowden, Macclesfield, We are familiar with the requirements all of these authorities, when considering a Loft Conversion, with or without Dormer window extensions, with or without gable conversions, in their localities, so you can be assured that there will be no hidden extras along the way. These "Regulations" are in place to ensure that any project undertaken is built to a standard that is not only safe and environmentally friendly but is also practical and easily usable. To try to help you determine whether or not your loft will comply with these, we have shown a few very simple drawings to explain some of the initial requirements.

What's first?

This is a typical example of a cross section through a house. Note Dimension A, this is the first thing a surveyor will need to check.

We need this dimension to be 2.15M or 7 Feet 2 inches. If we do not have this, we need to consider lowering the existing first floor bedroom ceilings. This is not as disturbing as you might first consider, this is done as follows.

Loft Conversions, Can I have one?

Firstly we install the new lowered ceiling / structural floor in the existing bedrooms to be effected. This is a clean careful project that usually takes approximately 2 days per room. That new ceiling is then plaster skimmed ready to be decorated, that room is handed back to you at the end of every working day for you to use. The disturbance is extremely minimal. Once the new lowered ceilings have been put in place the old dirty dusty ceiling is removed from above and disposed of through the roof. No part of this messy structure is taken through your clean home. If your property is fairly old the existing ceilings may already be in a state of repair and would benefit from replacing anyway, also at this stage new lighting can be installed to your requirements. The whole process takes less than a week (based upon the average terraced property). Then we are ready to complete the loft again from up above.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the above procedure or the costs incurred please contact The Loft Specialist for fast Free advice on this or any other Loft Conversion related item. Telephone 07498 65191507498 651915.