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The Hil-de-Brants family Bowdon in Cheshire

When the family made their home in Bowdon Cheshire, they did so in the former stable compound built in 1910 as a gymnasium for horses. And where the thoroughbreds of a bygone age had once been put through their paces Mr and Mrs Hil-de-Brant and their children jasmine and ryan set about adapting their new home.



'Interior lighting was the key to our conversion', says Mrs Hil-de-Brant there was already two VELUX windows in the loft, but all they were lighting was the loft space. By putting one directly above the stairwell we were able to bring light flooding down into the living space below.



With the loft converted into a guest bedroom, we turned our attention to the bathroom above the garage.



Headroom was a bit of an issue here, as was light, but we solved both problems thanks to VELUX. Top-hung roof windows gave us all the light we needed and, by opening externally did not intrude into the room. They haven't actually made the bathroom bigger - but it certainly feels that way with so much more natural light.