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Loft Conversion Altrincham

The meek family contacted TLS in January 2009 following a short term period of advertising their home in Altrincham for sale. They decided to place their house on the market as they were in a desperate need of an extra self contained bedroom with a bathroom as a base for a regular family visitor from abroad.

The house a four bedroom 1 bathroom detached was on the market for £375,000 and they were looking to purchase something around £420,000 to supply them with the 5 bedrooms they needed.

Mr & Mrs Meeks calculated that not only did they need to raise the extra £45,000 capital to make the purchase they would incur the following admin costs.


1.5% commission on £375,00 house for sale to estate agents £5,625.00
Stamp duty on new house 4% of £420,000 £16,800.00
Solicitors fees for sale and purchase £995.00
Surveyors fees for purchase £765.00
Total costs without extra capital required £24,185.00


They decided that £24K plus the extra capital required £45K Just over £69K was a budget they just could not afford and they really did love where they were.

A traditional brick extension was then considered as a possibility to create the extra room. However the existing ground floor footprint of the house was fine (a bedroom on the ground floor was not appealing) and they did not wish to reduce the size of the garden. So a loft conversion was considered.



TLS were then contacted by the clients.

Mr & Mrs meek were really unsure of exactly what was possible and how much this would costs. Following detailed advice from one of our planning advisors informing the couple of their Lawful permitted development rights, which means this type of project would simply require a set of plans and a building regulation application. Mr & Mrs Meek decided to proceed. The surveyor then visited them to take measurements and give advice. The house was a good size footprint with a reasonable height from floor to ridge within the loft so a bedroom contained within that existing shape was advised (no necessity to construct dormers or gable extensions) the existing space was sufficient. Following 3D illustrations and moving images of possibilities the Meeks decided to commission TLS to produce detailed architectural plans suitable for planning and building regulation application.


Click here to see the Architectural Plans


A real concern was that the new stair to access the new rooms within the loft was a real continuation of the existing and not some thing that looked to be an addition later added the 3D images really helped the clients.


Click here to see the 3D Images


Work began on the Monday 2nd March 2009. The Meeks were especially reassured of the fact that TLS had given them a guaranteed time frame of 8 weeks completing the project by Monday 27th April 2009, should this deadline not be fulfilled then there was to be a financial penalty clause of 5% (£1100.00) paid back to the family. Along with the schedule of works was a week by week detail of where the project would be, showing the progress at each stage.

The first 6 weeks of the project was to be completed by the builders gaining access for them and materials through the roof from the outside. Mr Meek worked from home and was very happy that his daily schedule would not be disrupted by builders coming into the house. The builders came into the house on week 6 to install the stair case access and complete the works around that.

Week 1

Steel beams were lifted up the scaffold and inserted through the roof to be positioned within the loft.

Loft Convertsion

Week 2

The existing truss roof structure was removed and replaced with the new skeleton framework of the proposed room.

Loft Conversion

Week 3

The high quality Cellotex double R insulations were installed into the structure.

Loft Conversion

This insulation is the best “U” value material available today. The lower the “U” value the better the product is at achieving its aims. There are many products available for this purpose bit we at TLS believe this to be the best.

Week 4

The electrical and plumbing first fix requirements are put in place.

Week 5

The entire room surfaces are plaster boarded ready for final plastering.

Week 6

The staircase is fitted.

Week 7

Final fix electrical and plumbing completed.

Week 8

Plaster skimming and final fix carpentry.

Completed Loft Conversion

This project in Altrincham Cheshire was completed well within the expected time frame,8 weeks, on budget £21,800.00 and the family have the room for Granny when ever she wishes.