The Loft Specialists

Covering Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, West Yorkshire & London M25

Architectural drawings / building plans

This service is available throughout the whole of England and Wales.

We at TLS try our very best to help you convert your loft as easily as possible. If you are not 100% committed to the full process of the conversion, but would like to investigate the possible solutions further, this service may be for you.

If you are a general builder who is contemplating a conversion for a customer or acquaintance and perhaps are not 100% certain of the best process and require some specific technical assistance with the loft conversion, again this service may be for you.

If you are selling your home and find that the prospect of a good loft conversion enhances the saleability of your home, but do not want to go through the full process, simply to show prospective buyers that, this can easily be achieved this service may be for you.

Home Seller Information Pack

We at TLS (The Loft Specialists) are exactly what we say "Loft Specialists" So you can be assured that whichever type of conversion project we advise on will be the very best suitable for your property.

Architectural plan drawing examples for loft conversions

We will visit your home design an aesthetically pleasing and practical loft conversion then put these ideas onto a full architectural package, laying out the full technical process to achieve this. We will detail what if any planning applications are necessary ( we will apply for Full planning permission on your behalf if necessary) We will include all relevant building regulation requirements to enable a successful building regulation approval (alternatively we can even submit this stage of works for you).

Or you can simply take our plans and decide what to do next at your own pace.

This service obviously varies in costs dependant on a few details.

  1. What type of house you live in?
  2. What type of space you would like (1 bedroom + bathroom, an office, a play room or a completely independent suite.)
  3. The final finishes required within the new room.

Once we have established these details we can supply you with a complete price for the project. Should you decide that you wish us TLS to complete the conversion for you, all of the costs paid so far will be reduced from the complete package costs.

Once you are in possession of the plans and have obtained all necessary approvals we can then help you further by supplying all materials from the first steel beam to the last screw to hold the door on its hinges. Our experience with different merchants means you will get these materials at the best possible rate, with these materials being the best quality that are around, no waste, no over ordering, no under ordering and having to wait for further materials to arrive.

Simply the right materials, at the right price, When you need them.

If you are a DIY'er or a builder needing specific technical help we can be there for you also. A specialized experienced Loft Conversion manager is on hand to assist.

If any of these are what you are looking for please call or email now for a great deal.

Good luck and happy loft converting TLS.